Are all new Jaguar vehicles available to order online?
How do I find out more about your vehicles before I place my online order?
Can I order more than one vehicle at a time?
Do I have to order my vehicle online?
Can I order a vehicle as a limited company?
Can I part-exchange my current vehicle as a part of my online order?
I want to trade in my old vehicle. What should I do?
Do you part exchange vehicles with private registration plates?
My vehicle has been modified with additional extras, how do I make you aware of these so I get the most accurate part exchange valuation?
My vehicle is an import, can I still part exchange it?
What happens if my part exchange vehicle isn't how I describe it?
If I have outstanding finance can I still part exchange my vehicle?
What happens if I decide I don't want to part exchange my vehicle after I have agreed a price with you?
Can I track my order?
How do I change or update my order?
What if I change my mind about the order before the vehicle is delivered?
When will the vehicle I ordered online be ready?
What documents do you need for me to order online?
Why can't I choose my local retailer once I log in?
Do I have to pay a delivery charge?
How can I test drive a vehicle if I order it online?
Who do I contact if I have any concerns about the vehicle once it's delivered?
Can I cancel my vehicle order?
Does my order form a binding contract?


Why can't I see monthly pricing on all the vehicles?
Why is the configurator adding options I haven't chosen?
Where can I access the configurations I have saved in my basket?
How many vehicles can I compare with each other?
I have a website technical issue, what should I do?
Is the online price the best price I can obtain for my chosen vehicle?


What can I pay online?
How long will it take for my reservation fee payment to clear?
I have paid my reservation fee, how do I pay my deposit?
I don't have a credit/debit card, how can I reserve the vehicle?
Can I have my reservation fee refunded?
I haven't received my reservation fee refund, what should I do?
What are the alternative payment methods if my reservation fee payment is declined?
Can I pay the reservation fee any other way?
How secure is my online payment?
How do I pay for my online vehicle order in full?
How do I receive a receipt for my online payment?
What if I can't keep up with the repayments?


Can I complete a finance quote online?
Do I have to choose a finance product offered online by Jaguar Land Rover?
What details do I need before I apply for finance online?
Will my finance application affect my credit score?
I'm not sure how to complete all the fields in my finance application, what should I do?
I'm unable to replicate a previous finance quote for a vehicle I have configured, what should I do?
Where can I find the results of my finance application?
How long will my finance quote be valid for?
At what point do I sign my finance agreement?


Who can I contact if I need help with the online order process or an existing order?
Is it possible to order a vehicle with immediate availability?
Can I change the amount of reservation fee I put down?
When ordering a new vehicle from stock, how long will my vehicle be reserved for after I pay the reservation fee?
Who do I contact if I have any comments about the service I have received when ordering online?